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Integrated Support for Certified Mail®

Certified Mail® is a service provided by the USPS® that provides you with an official receipt proving your letter was mailed and a signature from the recipient proving the Certified Mail piece was delivered. Certified Mail receipts and delivery confirmations serve an important role in business and legal affairs as they are considered prima facie evidence in legal proceedings by local, state and federal courts. As such, Certified Mail is often used for sending legal notices, government documents, debt collections, tax returns, health care records, etc.

Certified Mail Made Easy

Although Certified Mail is a great service, the traditional method for sending Certified Mail with a return receipt involves multiple hardcopy forms and is a laborious, time-consuming process.

However, there is a better way to take advantage of the added security of certified mail: You can now perform all Certified Mail tasks directly from within the FlexStream software on your PC. Creating, tracking, and managing Certified Mail with FlexStream is much simpler and more streamlined than the traditional method.

  • Fits seamlessly in your normal workflow. Add the Certified Mail barcode to all or a selection of your documents before they are being produced.

  • Significantly reduce the time to prepare your Certified Mail pieces because you no longer have to fill out forms manually.

  • Optionally validate recipient addresses to ensure USPS compliant formatting with the FlexStream USPS Mail Processing service.

  • Automatically generate the USPS Form 3877 (Firmbook report) that is required to obtain Proof of Mailing.

  • Save in postage by using Electronic Return Receipt to obtain a digital signature.

  • Electronic Return Receipts are securely stored in the cloud for a period of 2 years from the date of mailing.

  • Easily search and track pieces from within your FlexStream projects providing details about every step of the delivery process.

One Single Integrated Solution for Certified Mail Processing

FlexStream uses a cloud based API for Certified Mail processing. The service is a sophisticated system to create, track and audit Certified Mail. The service is deployed as a public SaaS solution.

The services can be accessed through FlexStream without having to install additional software and data files on your computer. The interface to the service is completely integrated in FlexStream.

  • No need to go to any web-site.
  • No USPS Gateway setup required.
  • No additional software to load.
  • No updates to install, always up-to date.

A Complete Certified Mail® Solution

The Certified Mail® service combined with the powerful design, printing, and mail production features of FlexStream give you an unsurpassed solution for sending Certified Mail items.

Create the Certified Mail items

  • Make a selection or send all documents as Certified Mail.
  • The destination address is automatically populated from the linked documents.
  • Multiple return addresses can be saved in the system.
  • Select additional services for Electronic Return Receipt and Restricted Delivery.
  • Automatically create USPS Form 3877 (Firmbook).


Design your Certified Mail items



  • Add a cover sheet or place the Certified Mail barcode directly on the first page of your document.
  • Design your Certified Mail piece, containing the Certified Mail barcode, the destination address, return address, your logo, and any other design element you want.
  • Make a layout based on the Certified Mail envelope size you wish to use (#10, 6x9, and 9x12). Design guides for each of these envelope sizes are available in FlexStream.
Track your Certified Mail items

  • The tracking status is automatically updated every time you open a FlexStream project.
  • The datasheet shows the most recent status of each Certified Mail item.
  • Easily search for specific receipients.
  • Detailed tracking information available about every step of the delivery.
  • Direct access to digital signatures.
  • Export the datasheet to archive the delivery status of all your Certified Mail items.

Centified Mail Tracking


Packages for any need

There are no fixed costs for using the Certified Mail service. Fees are based on pay per use pricing. Packages with transactions for low to high volumes are available, making the service attractive for both smaller and large users.

The use of the Certified Mail service is available in FlexStream Professional and requires maintenance on the software.


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