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Flex Systems is a leading provider of mail and print solutions. Founded in 1993, Flex Systems is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the demanding requirements of companies producing or processing mail using any type of database, printer or inserter. Flex Systems develops software to manage maling lists, design and print mail, and process documents.

Flex Systems main office and development center is based in the Netherlands. The software is sold through an international network of specialized dealers in all major countries of the world. Currently, Flex Systems has two offices:

Europe, Asia and Africa

Flex Systems' main office, based in the Netherlands, is responsible for the development of the products and support of the dealer network in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Flex Systems BV
Lutonbaan 2
3045 AZ Rotterdam
Phone: +31 - (0)88 - 3400 100
Email: info@flex-systems.com
Support: support@flex-systems.com

North and South America

The US office, based in South Carolina, is responsible for support and sales through dealers based in North-, Central, and South America.

Flex Systems, Inc.
1401 St Andrews Rd, Suite 110
Columbia, SC 29210
United States
Phone: +1 (803) 388 8010
Email: info@flex-systems.com
Support: support@flex-systems.com

More information and buying

In order to ensure the best possible service and support to end-users, we only sell our software through local partners that can give you all the information and help you need.

Use our Partner Locator to contact one of Flex Systems partners near you who can answer any further questions, and where you can buy our products.

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