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The FlexVision system is a barcode reading system developed for use in the document production and processing environment like addressing and inserting.

Typical applications for FlexVision are: read-and-print, document matching on inserters, and closed-loop processing.
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FlexStream is a document processing solution that lets you manipulate and enhance your documents and distribute your mail.

Prepare for regular mail by adding scancodes for your insterter to your documents. Address correction and presort modules are available for the USA and UK.

Channel selection features let you sort out documents to be e-mailed by either standard e-mail or a Secure and tracked e-mail service.
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FlexMail is a variable data design and printing solution that lets you connect to your data, prepare the data for your project, design your output, and print at high quality and speed on any printer.

Postal modules are available for the USA and UK to handle address correction and presort your mail.
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FlexCapture is an integrated document feeding and reading system developed for inbound mail processing, outbound mail recording and inspecting samples of printed barcodes.

Typical applications for FlexCapture are: processing of undeliverable and reply mail, and recording of outbound mail.
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With the Specialy inkjet products, Flex Systems offers a a full range of inkjet printing and coding equipment of exceptional quality at fair prices.

The products offered include an HP based print system as well as a high quality UV based print system, vacuum transport bases and conveyors, diverters, and feeders
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