Licensing and Maintenance

Licensing – Buy Only What You Need

FlexMail and FlexStream are available in different editions. For FlexMail there is a set of optional modules that plug seamless into the main program, offering one completely integrated environment. This allows you full flexibility in choosing the functionality you need.

The software is licensed per PC. Discounts are available for multiple installations. You can upgrade and add modules at any moment you want. Just call your supplier. Within minutes you will be able to use the modules you need.

Maintenance – For On-going Value

To be sure that you always have the latest versions of the software, Flex Systems offers Maintenance. Subscribers will receive any upgrade or new version of the software completely for free during the maintenance period. On top of this, maintenance entitles you to direct support from Flex Systems.

More information and buying

In order to ensure the best possible service and support to end-users, we only sell our software through local partners that can give you all the information and help you need.

Use our Partner Locator to contact one of Flex Systems partners near you who can answer any further questions, and where you can buy our products.

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