Contact support

For support in your own language and in your own timezone please contact one of our partners where you purchased your product. Their contact information can be found in the application under File menu: help - 'contact us' or here.

If you have maintenance on your software, you may also contact us directly at:

Europe, Asia and Africa
Flex Systems B.V.

Phone: +31 - (0)88 - 3400 100
(Timezone CET, which is UTC +1)

North and South America
Flex Systems, Inc.
United States

Toll free: +1 855 531 9090
(Timezone EST, which is UTC -5)

Remote support

When asked to start a remote support session, click on the Remote Support icon on the right. Download and run TeamViewerQS.exe and send the ID and Password to the person that asked you to start the remote session.

Knowledge base

Visit our Knowledge base for common problems and questions.

How To

Vistit our How To guides for short guides on how to perform certain tasks with our applications.

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