A System for In- and Outbound Mail Processing

The FlexCapture system is developed for inbound mail processing, outbound mail recording and inspecting samples of printed barcodes. The system is capable of processing mixed mail of any size and is available with two different barcode readers. FlexCapture is designed to increase productivity with an easy to use, affordable system.

FlexCapture is developed with the following applications in mind:

  • Processing Undeliverable Mail

    Process returned mail pieces that could not be delivered. Mark and timestamp items in an existing database or build a new database for further processing.

  • Processing of Reply Mail

    Use the system to register replies into a database with the returned mail. If required, capture an image of the mail piece to avoid warehousing.

  • Recording of Outgoing Mail

    Count, record (barcode) information from outgoing mailpieces and timestamp them in a database.

  • Barcode Verification

    Inspect barcodes for readability and ensure that printed barcodes meet the (postal) specifications. Includes verification of 4-state barcodes (e.g. IMB, Royal Mail 4-state etc.).

FlexCapture machine

A System for Any Need

You can select a FlexCapture model that suits your needs and your application:

  • The system is equipped with a multi thickness feeder that feeds envelopes of any size at thicknesses up to 1/2 inch (12 mm).
  • A choice of two different industry standard camera’s for code reading and capturing images depending on your needs. The 360 system is also able to inspect barcodes and perform IMB (Merlin) verification.
  • FlexMail or FlexStream software to control the FlexCapture system. The software enables you to set jobs up according to your needs.


FlexCapture Applications

  • Date and Time Stamp Inbound Mail
    A database of the scanned envelopes is created or records from an existing database are retrieved and records are time and date stamped.

  • Capture Images of Envelopes
    FlexCapture has the ability to capture and index an image of the scanned envelope, eliminating the need to warehouse large amounts of processed envelopes.




  • Record Outbound Mail
    Scan outbound mail and mark them in a database just before it enters the mail stream to provide proof that items were send.

FlexCapture Build Database

  • Verify Printed Barcodes
    The FlexCapture 360 system has the ability to check all barcodes for readability, contrast and module size.

    4-state postal barcodes (e.g. IMB, Royal Mail 4-state etc.) can be checked on all parameters.


Easy Deployment and Operation

The system is extremely easy to setup and guarantees a very fast turn-around time between varying jobs. Templates are delivered with the system for the most common jobs.

  • Plug and Play installation with automatic detection of the FlexCapture machine. Only one single TCP/IP connection between the FlexCapture system and the PC.
  • See what the reader sees. Image based reader visualization allows you to see what the reader sees for image review or no-read feedback, directly and completely integrated in the FlexMail and FlexStream software.
  • Setup from within the software with intelligent tuning. By putting the most common controls in a single window, allowing the user to see how different options affect the reader in real time.
  • Powerful processing of received input by FlexMail or FlexStream. Processing steps are defined by filling out some simple setup windows.


FlexCapture Specifications

Reader Options FlexCapture 260 FlexCapture 360
Barcodes Reading
1-D barcodes 2 of 5, 2 of 5 Interleaved, Codabar, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, MSI, Pharmacode, UPC/EAN/JAN
2-D barcodes Aztec code, Datamatrix, Maxicode, (micro)QR code
Stacked barcodes Databar, EAN.UCC-128, PDF417, MicroPDF417
Postal barcodes Australia 4-State, Intelligent Mail Barcode, Japan 4-State, Royal Mail 4-state, UPU 4-State
Barcodes verification
In-line barcode grading of 1-D and 2-D codes No ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15416, ISO/IEC TR 29158
Postal barcode verification No Yes
Image Capture
Image resolution 1280 x 960 1280 x 1024
Acquisition rate Max 45 fps Max 60 fps
Decode rate Max 45/sec Max 45/sec
Feeder Type Multi Thickness Feeder
Envelope sizes Max. W 9” x L 13”
W 230 mm x L 330 mm
Max. thickness 0.5” (12 mm)
Feeder capacity Approx. 100 envelopes
Speed Max. 300 ft/min (1.5 m/sec)
limited by image acquisition and decoding speed
Connection 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
(1 x for PC and 1 x Network)
Light tower Red / Yellow / Green
Power 110 / 220 VAC
Dimensions W 18” x L 28” x H 13”
W 463 mm x L 710 mm x H 330 mm
Weight 67 lbs (30 kg)


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