Royal Mail Royal Mail™ Processing

A Complete Solution for Royal Mail™ Processing

Flex Systems’ Royal Mail postal processing module allows for comprehensive address quality and mail processing features. The module gives you access address validation and correction (through PAF®), presort and Mailmark®, enabling you to generate the highest possible discounts.

  • Address Validation

    The address validation module is a very powerful address lookup, verification and correction system. Address validation and correction improves the quality of your database and ensures the address information is acceptable to the post office. Validation cleans your mailing list records, adds the proper information, and corrects the address composition and spelling according to the postal standards.

  • Presort

    The Royal Mail presort module lets you sort your mailing and produce accompanying documents for your mailing according to the Royal Mail guidelines. This offers you the possibility to take advantage of the benefits offered by Royal Mail for mailings sorted, bundled, and bagged according to these rules.

  • Mailmark®

    FlexStream allows you to generate the Mailmark barcode string and print the barcode in 4-state or one of the datamatrix formats enableing Royal Mail to provide you information about the status of your mail.

FlexStream allows you to capture the address data to be run through the Royal Mail module from the documents and to replace and add the data returned by the process to your documents. FlexStream’s additional features to print indicia and the usage of postal design templates, make FlexStream a complete solution for Royal Mail processing.

A Fully Integrated Solution

Flex Systems’ Royal Maill processing module is completely integrated in the FlexStream software, offering one single environment for data selection, postal preparation, output design and printing. The postal module can be accessed through FlexStream without having to install additional software and data files on your computer.

  • Affordable.
  • Simple to use.
  • Updates installed automatically.

All Royal Mail™ Processing Features Needed

The address validation, presort services, and Mailmark® support, combined with the powerful design, printing, and mail production features of FlexStream give you an unsurpassed solution for Royal Mail mail preparation.

FlexStream Designer Functions

  • Capure the address from the linked PDF document.
  • Split the address block in address lines to prepare for postal processing.
  • Replace the original address with the corrected and standardized address block after running the Royal Mail processing.
Royal Mail Mailmark®

  • Mailmark data-string creation based on fixed and variable information from your database.
  • Print the Mailmark barcode in 4-state or one of the datamatrix formats.


USPS Design

Address Validation



  • FlexStream’s Postal data file for the UK is derived from the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF®), that gives you access to 31.9 million UK postal addresses and 1.8 million UK postcodes.
  • Look up or verify (and correct) individual addresses in interactive mode.
  • Verify and correct complete address lists unattended in batch mode.
  • Powerful and sophisticated extended searching facilities that can track down even very difficult or misspelled names or addresses. Search features include ‘Sounds Like’, and ‘Spelled Like’ searches.
  • Define capitalization and abbreviation for each field.

  • Supports Business Mail, Business Mail 1st Class, Advertising Mail, Sustainable Advertising Mail, and Publishing Mail.
  • Supports Unsorted, Low Sort, and High Sort presort methods.
  • To optimize service and savings, FlexStream supports Undersized Directs, Mixed Weight Mailings, and Geographic ordering.
  • Produces all required Royal Mail paperwork including a Line listing and the Computer Planning Report. All reports are generated in PDF format for easy access and printing. Viewing and printing are integrated in FlexStream.
  • Customizable break marks for bundles, trays or sacks, and pallets.



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